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Lenny & Larry's 1.6oz Keto Cookie 12pk

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Guilt-free snacking just got a whole lot tastier. We’re happy to introduce you to Lenny & Larry’s delectable Keto Cookies!

Maintaining your keto diet can be extra challenging, especially when you have limited options at home. The good news is we’ve found a way to make it a whole lot easier and tastier!

Introducing your newest guilt-free addiction: Lenny’s & Larry’s Keto Cookies.

The Keto Cookie is a plant-based snack with only 3g net carbs, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to keep up with their keto lifestyle. Whether you’re eating gluten-free or just watching your sugar, we’ve got you covered with this low-carb, vegan treat.

Say goodbye to binging on unhealthy desserts! Our Keto Cookies are coming to the rescue whenever you need to satisfy that sweet tooth without any excess carbs or sugar additives.

We’ve made it our mission to bring you mouthwatering, cruelty-free ways to indulge all your cravings without any post-snacking regrets. So, if you’re ready to improve your eating habits, you’re going to love learning more about our best-selling Keto Cookies!

Who says you need to eat boring food to stay fit? We’re here to prove that mindful snacking can have loads of perks!

At Lenny & Larry’s, we’re dedicated to bringing you the best tasting treats minus the excess calories and artificial sweeteners. Every box comes with 12 pieces of individually wrapped cookies so you can split up each serving with minimal effort.

Not only do our Keto Cookies taste great, but they're also packed with 8g protein per serving so that you'll feel full for much longer. The Keto Cookie is also an excellent source of plant-based fiber for your keto diet with up to 5g fiber jam-packed into each bag. That means you’ll have less cravings and more energy throughout the day!

On top of baking every batch of cookies to perfection, we use only organic, non-GMO ingredients at all costs. We stay away from using animal products in our recipes, so every snack is free of soy, eggs, and dairy to keep it 100% vegan and keto-friendly!

You deserve to eat better without sacrificing fun flavors! That’s why we’ve crafted special selections to bring you happiness in every bag. In addition to our widely popular Chocolate Chip Keto Cookie, we also have other totally crave-able flavors like Peanut butter and Coconut.

If you’re ready to dive into a world of the yummiest eats, check out all our flavors and find out why you need to get your hands on our mind-blowing cookies.

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