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Inner Armour Anabolic Peak Muscle Building Gainer 15lbs

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ANABOLIC PEAK™ delivers rapid-release whey hydrolysates, sustained release casein and protein isolates to help athletes gain muscle mass. Metabolic research suggests that ingesting a fast-acting amino acid/protein supplement boosts amino acid levels in a metabolic process known as systemic circulation. As a result, more essential amino acids become available for complex protein synthesis and anabolic muscle growth.

Maximize Power Output

Power output = work / time or P = w/t

To stand out in the gym or on the field, athletes have to sustain high force for sustained periods of time. Power = velocity x strength. Increasing the magnitude of an athlete’s muscle tissue, increases their ability to generate power, meaning the application of force at a given velocity over time. ANABOLIC PEAK™ promotes muscle tissue recovery and helps maximize power output during workouts on the field or in the gym.

ANABOLIC PEAK™ contains the ingredient, Wayspike™, an instant-acting, anabolic glucose spiking & nutrient uptake system.


Supports Muscle Cell Glycogen Refueling & Rapid Recovery

To support glycogen refueling, Anabolic Peak is formulated with high-molecular-weight carbohydrates and fast absorbing waxy maize to initiate crucial nutrient uptake, delivering the right balance of nutrition to large muscle groups. Inner Armour’s Anabolic Peak stimulates both muscle recovery & anabolic muscle building process.

How Anabolic Peak Increases Lean Muscle Mass

Anabolic Peak provides an advanced and powerful protein blend using a research-based ratio of slow and fast-absorbing proteins to deliver a sustained flow of essential amino acids to muscles through the entire day. Anabolic Peak works by helping athletes sustain the positive nitrogen balance required to initiate more rapid anabolic muscle growth, while working to prevent the catabolic breakdown of muscle tissue.

Helps Increase Strength & Power

Inner Armour designed Anabolic Peak with clinically researched creatine to effectively support power, strength and more rapid growth of lean muscle tissue.

The Perfect Formulation for Hard Gainers

Formulated with a research-based blend of powerful, glycogen re-loading carbohydrates, 50 grams of amino acid protein, Glutamine recovery agent & muscle-building Creatine, Anabolic Peak is the perfect formulation for supporting hard gainers’ specific nutritional needs.


• Helps Increase Lean Muscle Mass Faster

• Keeps Muscle Tissue Anabolic

• Supports Rapid Muscle Recovery Post-Workout

• Glycogen Refueling for Increased Power

• Supports Increases in Strength for Sustained Durations

• Anabolic Peak Is Perfectly Formulated for Hard Gainers

Powerful Ingredients

• Delivers 50 grams of Precision Pro Protein per Serving

• 4 g of Muscle Building Creatine

• 1 g of Muscle Recovery Agent Glutamine

• 267 Grams of Clean Burning Carbs

• 1330 Calories Per Serving


Clinically researched dose of the non-hormonal muscle-building agent, Creatine to increase the amount of ATP or muscle energy.


Trigger an anabolic muscle building reaction, while also providing anti-catabolic muscle protection.


Provides the necessary amino acid profile to trigger anabolic muscle building as well as anti-catabolic muscle protection.


This recovery agent helps the nitrogen balance in the muscle cells, so that muscle protein synthesis or muscle building stays on.

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