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BodyRight Weight Aid Boost Singles 30pk

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Become a mixologist by transforming your protein shake into a delicious, hyper-nutritional, immune supporting smoothie. There are numerous ‘boosts” to choose from and nearly all are 100% natural, Vegan, non-GMO and Gluten Free.

The primary ingredient found in our weight aid boost is is a yeast hydrolysate, a fermented satiety complex (EatLess™) that has been shown through human clinical studies to suppress appetite by impacting neuropeptide and hormone levels tied to appetite.

It is widely held that fermented yeast has a positive effect on weight loss and maintenance because consuming fermented foods, particularly yeast, has been shown to decrease food intake ultimately resulting in weight loss. This is because it seems to decrease the hormone ghrelin and increases leptin. Decreasing ghrelin and increasing leptin will cause one to be less hungry. These hormones communicate directly with the brain to regulate food intake.

EatLess™ is the staple of our weight aid boost. Published human weight loss clinical studies using a 500mg serving has been shown to help:
Promote Weight Loss
Support Fat Loss
Promote Abdominal Fat Loss

Human clinical studies using at a dose of 1,000mg of EatLess™, (two servings of weight aid boost) divided into two equal doses (500mg in the morning and evening) support the following appetite suppression claims:
EatLess™ has been shown to impact appetite hormones related to appetite
EatLess™ has been shown to suppress food cravings
When used consistently, EatLess™ may decrease caloric intake

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