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Vitastic Sport 100% Whey Protein 4lbs

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Athletes are looking for the highest quality protein. Guess
What? You're looking at It!

Heat is the worst process for protein. Why? Because it ruptures,
disrupts and destroys the proteins biological macromolecule and
molecular conformation, called denaturing. This denaturing
process ultimately slows down digestion and absorption.

Unfortunately, many protein manufacturers choose high heat and
the denaturing process because these are the quickest and
cheapest ways to dry protein during the manufacturing process.
This cross-linked protein now has thousands more bonds for the
enzymes in your intestines to break down, which means slower
absorption and utilization. Because it takes longer for the amino
acids to reach your muscles, you actually get less nitrogen

Vitastic Sports uses a cold high speed air chamber drying
technique. That's why Sport High-Performance Natural Protein is
one you can always count on for outstanding quality and flavor.

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