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Inner Armour Nitro Peak Hydrolysate Enhanced Protein 4lbs

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In order to be an effective athlete, one needs the ability to sustain increased force or muscular strength at higher velocities than other athletes. This can be reduced to a simple equation: power= velocity X strength. Larger muscle tissue mass can effectively generate more power because it is able to produce increased levels of force at any given velocity. For more rapid muscle building, athletes need to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. That’s why Inner Armour makes Nitro-Peak™.

Each delicious serving of NITRO-PEAK™ assists & protects larger muscle groups with whey hydrolysates and isolates loaded with BCAA or branched-chain aminos. Every power-packed serving has only 3 grams of fat and 3 grams of sugar. NITRO-PEAK™ builds on the results of modern supplement research by protecting & enhancing an athlete’s ability to produce strength X velocity, or power. Nitro Peak™ was formulated on a simple premise: When it comes to great athletic performance, power is key.


Nitro Peak is Specifically Designed to Support Lean Muscle Growth and Maintenance

Provides 24G of top-shelf protein to help build muscle, along with the anabolic agent, L-Leucine.

Sustained Release from Peak Protein Blend

Nitro Peak delivers a research-based blend of high quality proteins designed for rapid delivery and sustained release to large muscle groups.

Assists Rapid Recovery

With Nitro Peak’s powerful blend of whey protein and rapid recovery agents BCAA and Glutamine, bodybuilders and other athletes can gain a competitive edge.

Assists in Appetite Suppression

Nitro Peak can increases satiety or the feeling of being full when used regularly between meals.


• Supports Anabolic Muscle Growth and Maintenance of Lean Muscle

• Helps Increase Metabolism and Suppress Appetite

• Sustained Release High Quality Protein Blend Supports Rapid Recovery

• Supports Tighter & Leaner Muscle Mass

• Contains Pharmaceutical Grade BCAAs in addition to Glutamine

• Instantized Ingredient Delivery for Rapid Absorption

• Contains 24 grams of Top-shelf Protein Per Serving

• Zero Trans Fat

• Extremely Low Sugar, Lactose & Fat

• No Fillers or Dyes

• Completely Banned Substance Free

• Absolutely Amazing Taste


Whey Protein Blend

Nutritional research surrounding blends of whey protein indicate that the presence of glutamine is positively correlated with protein synthesis, lean muscle growth and faster muscle recovery times.

Branched Chain Amino Acid

Supplies athletes with BCAAs or Branched Chain Amino Acids, including what we believe to be the best anabolic muscle building amino, L-Leucine.


L-Glutamine helps to sustain cellular hydration and volume of human muscle cells, while supporting increased rates of complex protein synthesis.

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