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Honest to Wellness Advanced Prostate Formula Softgels

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Honest to Wellness Advanced Prostate Formula contains 320mg of saw palmetto, 500mg of Flowens Cranberry, and 120mg of beta-sitosterol per two-softgel serving.

This supplement supports normal urinary frequency for more restful sleep, bladder emptying, and urinary flow and fewer trips to the bathroom day & night!

Flowens®, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed oil and beta-sitosterol—are each at the clinically studied form and daily dose. These are well-known dietary ingredients for supporting prostate health and specific aspects of normal urinary tract function.* Flowens® is a unique full-spectrum powder of the whole cranberry fruit. The cranberries used in Flowens® are carefully harvested and processed to include the skin, juice, flesh, and seeds. Research has shown that Flowens® may help support healthy bladder function. In a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study of over 100 men, 500mg of Flowens® was taken for 6 months. Meaningful results were seen in normal urinary frequency, which in turn can support more restful sleep.+

Saw palmetto is widely studied and perhaps the most well-known ingredient for supporting prostate health and function. Saw palmetto extract comes from the colorful berries found growing on a special species of palm tree which is indigenous to the coastal regions of the southeastern United States. The berries are wild-harvested by hand during the late summer months and dried.

Beta-sitosterol is a naturally occurring plant-based compound that is found in many fruits, vegetables, nuts and more. Studies have shown that beta-sitosterol may help maintain healthy bladder function, promote normal urinary flow, and support prostate health.*

With clinically studied doses of saw palmetto, beta-sitosterol, and Flowens
Fewer bathroom trips help you to maintain normal sleep!
Supports normal urinary frequency, bladder emptying and urinary flow

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