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EvoWell Collagen Liquid With Biotin 16oz

by EvoWell
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Collagen is an important protein that provides the building blocks for beautiful and healthy skin, nails and hair. The skin is nearly 80% collagen, which supplies structure, elasticity and retention of moisture within the skin. EvoWell Collagen Liquid provides the building blocks for improving your skin’s beauty, elasticity and hydration in a convenient and delicious liquid. Each serving provides highly effective collagen hydrolysate – plus biotin – to support skin repair and overall health.

Beauty Formula with Collagen Peptides & Biotin
Promotes Beautiful and Healthy Skin, Nails and Hair
Great Tasting Grape Flavor Liquid

Beautiful Skin
• Experts tell us that collagen production slows with age, especially after age 25.
• Each serving of EvoWell Collagen Liquid provides collagen hydrolysate to support skin repair and overall health.

Stronger Nails & Hair
• Collagen helps support the repair and overall health of finger and toe nails.
• Brittle nails may indicate the need for biotin supplementation. EvoWell Collagen Liquid supplies biotin in each serving.
• Hair cells use amino acids in collagen to produce keratin, which is critical for supporting healthy, beautiful hair.

Joint Health
• Collagen aids in regeneration and formation of new cells, including connective tissue and joints.
• Research shows collagen is an important nutrient for joint health.

Convenient & Delicious
• EvoWell Collagen Liquid is a delicious, grape flavored drink.
• Drink this liquid daily for a fast and convenient way to supplement with collagen and biotin.

Ingestible Beauty - The Future of Skin, Nail & Hair Care
There’s more you can do to look and feel your best! 'Ingestible Beauty' is the use of nutritional supplements to help support elasticity and moisture of the skin, lustrous hair and stronger nails. EvoWell Collagen Liquid is a perfect example of a beauty supplement that provides essential nutrients you need.

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