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Beyond Fresh Tropical Fresh Master Blend Superfoods 30 Servings

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Beyond Fresh™ quality natural supplements are in many ways superior to buying fresh fruits, vegetables and superfoods as found in your local grocery store aisles.

*The finest certified USDA Organic farm-fresh produce that's picked and harvested at the peak of ripeness, flavor and nutrient density.

*Advanced proprietary technologies lock in all of the valuable vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and enzymes.

*Exceptional convenience and year-round accessibility that traditional "juicing" just can't offer.

*Beyond Fresh is the complete do-it-yourself superfoods smoothie system that's better than fresh!

Tropical Fresh Organic Fruits & Herbs Blend - To immerse yourself in a tropical splendor, you don't have to jet off to the islands. Instead,mix up a Tropical Fresh drink from Beyond Fresh. This amazing concoction includes banana, coconut and pineapple for a wide variety of health benefits, including healthy digestion, immune health, weight management and satiety (fullness). These fruits help support bone and joint health, promote healthy connective tissue and circulation, and even help reduce cramping and enhance performance. In addition, critical herbs such as ginger and cinnamon provide benefits such as joint health, detoxification and healthy skin. Enjoy the best that Mother Nature has to offer with this amazing drink mix.

Build Your Personalized Smoothie!

Mix this incredible Tropical Fresh "Master Blend" of fruits and herbs with one of our Beyond Fresh "Base Powders" - then add a benefit-based "Booster" of your choice - and enjoy a delicious, nutritious health drinkthat's even better than juicing!

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