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2 x 40 Servings American Metabolix Keto Meal Replacement

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Eating foods high in fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates is the foundation of a ketogenic diet. We designed American Metabolix Keto-Meal as a perfect meal replacement, simple to prepare, great tasting with 75% of calories from fat, 20% of calories from protein and 5% of calories from carbohydrates.

About the product:

A perfect ratio of nutrients (75% of calories from fat, 20% of calories from protein and 5% of calories from carbohydrates) to support a ketogenic diet
Delicious unique flavors to keep you satisfied during cravings
NO artificial flavors or sweeteners
Use as a meal replacement or snack to support your keto meal plan
We use Egg Protein, which is more slowly digested in your system compared to whey isolates, which have potential to cause an insulin spike.

Supplementing with American Metabolix Keto Meal benefits include:

You have been on a ketogenic diet but you have a hard time staying in ketosis
If you’re on the go all the time and don’t have time to prepare keto friendly meals
You eat out frequently and have a hard time hitting the 75/20/5 numbers
Your weight loss is stalled doing keto
You are not doing a ketogenic diet yet, but you would like to start one
Your energy is low
You are on keto but you are still hungry all the time
You workout and want to improve your performance
You want to improve your brain power!

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