2 X 4lbs of  Developt Grass Fed Pure Whey Protein For $49.99

2 X 4lbs of Developt Grass Fed Pure Whey Protein For $49.99


2 X 4lbs of Developt Grass Fed Pure Whey Protein For $49.99


What's Included

Pure Whey

Pure Whey

DEVELOPT® Pure Whey 54 servings is a superior protein blend, specifically designed to help you realize the gains you work so hard for – both in and out of the gym. DEVELOPT® PureWhey’s innovative complex of 6 whey protein sources allows for a variable rate of digestion and absorption, specifically designed to help optimize your body’s metabolic function and fuel growth and recovery throughout the day.

DEVELOPT® Pure Whey mixes easily (stirred, shaken or blended!), so it’s convenient and easy to use any time you need premium nutrition. What’s more, DEVELOPT®PureWhey is sweetened with an exclusive mix of Stevia-based sweeteners – so it is low in both sugar, fat and filler-based calories – a nutritional powerhouse that tastes so amazing you’ll WANT to drink it all day.

DEVELOPT ® 25 Grams of Protein per Scoop 100% Grass Fed Sources 6 Protein Sources for Fast, Medium and Slow Assimilation Rates, Stimulates Protein Synthesis Zero Sugar - Low Fat - Zero Trans Fats - NO Fillers Sweetened with natural Stevia-Sucralose Blend, No Acesfulfame, No Aspartame. Hydrolyzed Whey Isolate and Hydrolyzed Whey Concentrate
-Exclusive blend of 6 whey protein sources for variable digestion and maximum absorption. Premium blend with no fillers makes it easy to mix – stirred, shaken or blended. Advanced formulation to help fuel growth, boost recovery and optimize metabolic performance. Sweetened with an exclusive mix of Stevia and Sucralose for a healthy, delicious milk-shake taste

DEVELOPT® Pure Whey is a superior, fast-acting and complete protein supplement. It is the perfect addition to your nutrition regimen, and is an ideal way to ensure you are the getting premium nutrition that your body needs. DEVELOPT® PureWhey is a great way to start your day, and is perfect at any meal, as well as pre- or post-workout for greater recovery and nutrition.
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