3 x 300 Tablets Pinnacle Health Relax & Sleep for $11.99

3 x 300 Tablets Pinnacle Health Relax & Sleep for $11.99


3 x 300 Tablets Pinnacle Health Relax & Sleep

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What's Included

Relax & Sleep

Pinnacle Health
Relax & Sleep

Pinnacle Health’s premium Melatonin sleep aid is formulated to help you attain restful sleep. † Melatonin is a crucial hormone created by a small gland in the brain that helps control your sleep and wake cycles. The amount of melatonin your body produces depends on the season, the time of the day, and your age. Naturally, melatonin levels slowly decline with age, making it harder to get to sleep and stay asleep. Only very small amounts of melatonin can be found naturally in foods, that's why Pinnacle Health has formulated a premium melatonin supplement just for you. Melatonin may be used to alleviate seasonal affective disorder (winter depression), jet lag, and insomnia. † Melatonin may also help regulate sleep patterns, reduce chronic cluster headaches, and reduce confusion after surgery.

Our mission is to bring the BEST VALUE to consumers while not sacrificing product quality or efficacy. Pinnacle Health believes there are 3 critical factors to making great nutritional supplements: PURITY, RESULTS AND VALUE. We use only the best ingredients and manufacture in a "contamination free" environment to ensure product PURITY. All products are tested by a third party lab when we receive the ingredients and again after packaging to ensure the highest quality. Our formulas use tested and proven materials with a history of producing positive RESULTS. Consumers want products that work and don't want to be the testing lab for new products - we deliver RESULTS in every product. BEST OF ALL, we do this at the lowest possible price point for consumers. We provide the best VALUE on the market by offering higher bottle counts without sacrificing quality so you can achieve your health goals without breaking the bank.
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