2 x 100 Serving Pure Micronized L-Glutamine Unflavored for $14.99

2 x 100 Serving Pure Micronized L-Glutamine Unflavored for $14.99


200 Serving Total of Pure Micronized L-Glutamine Unflavored


What's Included


Alpha Pro

Glutamine, Ultra Pure Micornized L Glutamine by Alpha Pro Nutrition, No Flavors/Coloring, Mixes Instantly, The Athlete's Amino Acid, 500g pure powder, 100 servings, Full 5 g serving.

Generate "Super-Compensation" Micronized for maximum absorption Increases ATP and glycogen in muscle tissue Enhances recovery Promotes protein synthesis Mixes perfectly with any liquid

Alpha Pro Nutrition ® L-Glutamine is a premium quality, ultra-micronized L-Glutamine that gives you 5 grams per serving. It’s an unflavored powder with no artificial colors or flavors – you can mix it with anything! Add it to your pre, intra and post workout shakes for much greater anabolic power! Since it’s ultra-micronized, it will absorb much faster than other, inferior glutamine products that cannot compete with the innovation and quality of Alpha Pro Nutrition®

L-Glutamine promotes immune system health and function. Every time you hit the gym your immune system suffers. If your immune system operates at a reduced level, your risk for getting sick increases – the last thing you want! Clinical research has shown that supplementing withL-Glutamine enhances immune system function.

Clinical research has shown that glutamine plays a key role in recovery by preventing the body from falling into an over-trained state, which would have catabolic effects on your physique. Studies have also shown that L-Glutamine can help you recover faster - one way it does this is by promoting glycogen storage. Research has indicated that glutamine works synergistically with glucose to help replenish glycogen stores post-workout – this means faster recovery and muscle growth.
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