2 x 42 Capsules Cellucor Super HD Water for $19.99

2 x 42 Capsules Cellucor Super HD Water for $19.99


2 x 42 Capsules Cellucor Super HD Water


What's Included

SuperHD Water

SuperHD Water

Results Defining Water Loss Formula. Clinically Studied Herbal Ingredients. Promotes Lean Physique And Improved Body Definition. SuperHD Water has been specifically formulated to help you achieve (reveal) your best possible physique by removing temporary excess water from your body. The five herbal extract blend includes clinically studied Horsetail (Equisetum Arvense), which is one of the most effective and trusted ingredients for its ability to increase urinary output as well as its remineralization properties. This is further supported with Vitamin C as an antioxidant and Potassium which may be depleted with increase in urinary output. SuperHD Water promotes the excretion of that excess water to take you from lean to chiseled and is the perfect complement to metabolism boosting thermogenics like SuperHD Fire. Combined, SuperHD Fire and SuperHD Water can give you that extra edge needed to support your physique goal. So whether you're getting ready for the beach or about to step on stage – don't miss this final step to amplify your results. SuperHD Water has been formulated to help you achieve your leanest physique by assisting your body's ability to reduce the temporary accumulation of excess water, which can be caused by stress, physical activity and sodium intake. This formulation utilizes natural botanical ingredients that promote the excretion of that excess water, getting you one step closer to that highly-defined and toned physique.

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