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2 x 120 Capsules Finaflex Stimul8 for $19.99

2 x 120 Capsules Finaflex Stimul8 for $19.99


2 x 120 Capsules Finaflex Stimul8

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What's Included

Stimul8 Capsules

Stimul8 Capsules

STIMUL8® is built with ingredients designed to propel workouts to the next level.Powered by IRISINXD® a Patent Pending blend of exotic stimulants, STIMUL8® engages the body into a state of extreme thermogenesis, slicing through adipose tissue while preserving and increasing lean muscle mass. Destroy workouts with unparalleled energy delivered by the Xtreme Shredding Matrix and experience Ultimate Endurance, strength, and power fueled by Beta Alanine.

IRISINXD™ - The Science Behind the Patent:

STIMUL8™ features IRISINXD™ a Patent Pending blend of exotic stimulants featuring N-Coumaroyldopamine (a selective beta 2 adrenergic agonist), combined with the most effective COMT (Catechol-O-Methyl-Transferase) inhibitor to increase the bioavailability and overall effectiveness of N-Coumaroyldopamine (a.k.a. NCD) in the body. Without the COMT inhibitor, the awesome power of NCD cannot be realized because it is rapidly metabolized by COMT once introduced.

IRISINXD™ - The Ultimate Body Recomp Experience:

Is it possible to burn fat while preserving and increasing muscle mass? With IRISINXD™, the answer is YES! Ingredients that make up IRISINXD™ have been shown in recent studies to benefit and support the body recompositioning phenomenon.

BETA ALANINE – The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Ingredient?

Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring amino acid found to have a multitude of benefits as a Sports Performance supplement. Beta Alanine has been shown in various human studies to be effective in increasing endurance, strength, and power in users. STIMUL8™ features a significant dose of Beta Alanine per serving, allowing users to experience its awesome power as a Sports Performance ingredient.
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